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RGB Controller & Receiver

HanleyLED RGB Controller
L70:5+ YEARS

This controller for RGB color changing LEDs includes a receiver, remote and a remote holder. One receiver has the capability to dim, change color temperature and control RGB. The remote can automatically enter standby mode to extend battery life and enters sleep mode after 30 seconds. The remote can be used up to 98 feet away from the receiver.


  • This product is non-waterproof. Please avoid the sun and rain. When installed outdoors, ensure it is mounted in a water proof enclosure.
  • Good heat dissipation will prolong working life of the controller. Please ensure good ventilation with each installation.

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Receiver Specifications

Model: V3

Power Input: 12 ~ 24vDC

Max Current Load: 3Ax4CH

Max Output Power: 144W(12V)/288W(24W)

Working Temp: -30 ~ 55 °C / -22° ~ +131 °F

Dimensions: L97 x W33 x H18(mm)

Weight: 38g

Remote Specifications

Model: R9

Working Voltage: 3V (battery CR2032)

Working Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Remote Distance: 30m

Working Temp: -30 ~ 55 °C / -22° ~ +131 °F

Dimensions: L107 x W58.5 x H9(mm)

Weight: 34g

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