Retrofit LED Lighting Solutions

Use the existing sockets in your cabinet sign to assemble your fluorescent lamp replacement. Our retrofit lamp replacements increase energy savings, decrease labor and maintenance, and improve the look and feel of your sign overall!


Concorde Cabinet System

Ideal for 6” to 30” deep cabinets, the Concorde Cabinet System replaces fluorescent lamps by using the existing sockets.


Concorde Bar II

Composed of high efficiency LEDs and enhanced with new high efficiency optics, the Concorde Bar II is 34% brighter and uses 8% less power.


PhoenixNRG Bars

The PhoenixNRG Bar has a 69% brighter output and is ideal for new construction or HO lamp replacement.



The WS-6600 is a double-sided module for easy installations. This module is great for LED retrofits and new builds!

Stellar Edge

Stellar Edge MINI

The S-1270 in the Stellar Edge Series is a mini 12-volt module that is ideal for edging light boxes and it reduces your labor costs by 60%!

Stellar Edge

Stellar Edge BIG

For edging lightboxes 1’ to 10’ across, the 24-volt S-1720 in the Stellar Edge series reduces labor costs by 60%!



For your perimeter cabinet lighting there’s the G-1270. It illuminates from the frame’s edge and can be placed as close as 5” to the sign’s face!

The HanleyLED Difference

A Knowledgeable Team

With so many product specifications, we know it can be difficult deciding on the best solution for your LED signage. HanleyLED products are supported by a team of LED and electrical experts that are eager to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to make your job easier.

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