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At HanleyLED, we are always looking to expand our offerings. We strive to develop cutting edge technology that meets the level of functionality and quality our customers are looking for. Check out our Featured Products for our newest lines in the HanleyLED family!

Cabinet LEDs

From retrofits and new builds to wide and bright cabinets, HanleyLED offers the most versatile solutions to illuminating your cabinet sign. Optimized for cabinet signs, our modules require less labor and use less product, cutting your cabinet costs in half.

Retrofit Lamp Replacements

Use the existing sockets in your cabinet sign to assemble your fluorescent lamp replacement. Our retrofit lamp replacements increase energy savings, decrease labor and maintenance, and improve the look and feel of your sign overall!

Channel Letter LEDs

HanleyLED offers a wide variety of channel letter modules made of premium materials, high efficiency chips, and great heat dissipation for a longer, reliable life. Our channel letter modules are ideal for shallow, deep, and halo channel letter lighting.

Power Supplies

Built with premium quality components, HanleyLED's power supplies have waterproof ratings of IP67 to IP68 and 3 to 7-year warranties. These power supply/drivers are offered in 12 volt and 24 volts, and vary from 60-watt, 100-watt, and 150-watt.

Interior Lighting

HanleyLED Flex Strips offer a variety of brightness, LED spacing and color temperatures for indoor signage, lighting enhancements and decorative illumination. These flexible strips of LEDs can be cut at pre-marked soldering points, providing you extreme versatility.


For lighting enhancements, decorative applications and channel letter lighting, HanleyLED’s RGB Series provides extreme versatility. This series contains lighting components as well as an RGB controller and RGB amplifier to ensure the finest RGB performance.


HanleyLED carries a variety of premium LED sign accessories including wires, connector joints, brackets for sign mounting, RGB amplifiers, and more to make the installation of your LED sign seamless.

The HanleyLED Difference

A Knowledgeable Team

With so many product specifications, we know it can be difficult deciding on the best solution for your LED signage. HanleyLED products are supported by a team of LED and electrical experts that are eager to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to make your job easier.

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