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PhoenixNRG Streamliner

L70:5+ YEARS

The HanleyLED PhoenixNRG Streamliner is an all-in-one premium, time and cost-saving LED tube solution. Streamliner is a PBS (Powered by Socket) retrofit sign cabinet solution for use where direct 120-277v input power is used. No power supply is needed, helping you streamline your install. Get in, get out. No power supply hookup, no messy wiring, no wire nuts...simply remove ballast, reconnect primary power to sockets, and pop in Streamliner Tubes. Featuring superior engineered LED Extrusion Bar for added rigidity and less sagging, PhoenixNRG Streamliner is versatile for all applications where T12 Fluorescent Lamps are used and features a 7 year product warranty when used with Hanley Surge Protector.

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Ideal Depth: 3" - 15" for Single Sided
Ideal Depth: 6" - 30" for Double Sided
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PhoenixNRG Streamliner

PhoenixNRG Streamliner Installation Tutorial



Color Temp: 6500K

Beam Angle: 2*170°

Input Voltage: 120-277v

Luminous Efficacy (lm/W): 150

Socket Type: R17d

Warranty: 7 year (product), 5 year (labor) when used with HanleyLED Surge Protector (HPEB-SP10KV)*
5 year (product), 2 year (labor) when used without HanleyLED Surge Protector*


Item LED Lamp Cross Reference Module QTY Per Tube Watts (w) Lumens (lm) Actual Size (in)
HPEB-SL2S24 F24HO 6 10 1500 21"
HPEB-SL2S30 F30HO 8 13 1950 27"
HPEB-SL2S36 F36HO 10 16 2400 33.1"
HPEB-SL2S42 F42HO 10 18 2700 39.1"
HPEB-SL2S48 F48HO 12 21 3150 45"
HPEB-SL2S60 F60HO 14 26 3900 57"
HPEB-SL2S64 F64HO 16 28 4200 61.1"
HPEB-SL2S72 F72HO 18 31 4650 69"
HPEB-SL2S84 F84HO 20 37 5550 81"
HPEB-SL2S96 F96HO 22 42 6300 93"
HPEB-SL2S108 F108HO 26 47 7050 105"
HPEB-SL2S117 F117HO 30 50 7500 114"
HPEB-SL2S120 F120HO 34 52 7800 117”

Layout Guidelines

*Use the double sided Streamliners for single sided signs and for extra deep, double sided signs that require multiple lamp bays.

Double-sided light box depth (inch) Item Average space between tubes (inch) Comments
9 (4.5” single sided)* PhoenixNRG Streamliner by HanleyLED 9 Lightbox size: 47” x 67”, Tested with 3/16”, 7328 white acrylic
12 (6” single sided)* PhoenixNRG Streamliner by HanleyLED 12 Lightbox size: 47” x 67”, Tested with 3/16”, 7328 white acrylic
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