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PhoenixNRG PE–3 LED Sign Module

Phoenix NRG III
L70:5+ YEARS

The PhoenixNRG PE-3 series is made with high efficiency everything! With 100 modules per 100W power supply, with 1 watt module, 170 lumens/module. Exceptionally efficient with 25% less power draw. Exceptionally bright with 25% brighter output. Ideal for dual color letters, single face cabinets, or simply when “bright” is what you need. 1-Bin Guarantee: Plus, identical color match to PhoenixNRG Bars and Phoenix Series. PhoenixNRG 3 is available in 12-volt only. Guaranteed Life over 50,000 hours. See our PhoenixNRG 1, 2 & 4 modules for even more savings & versatility.

Ideal Depth: 3" - 12"

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Viewing Angle: 170° High Efficiency Optics

Input Voltage: 12vDC

Watts: 1w/mod (1.5w/ft.)

Luminous Efficacy: 170 (lm/W)

Modules/Foot: 1.5/ft. fully stretched

Protection Grade: IP65 water proof

Packaging: Anti-static bag, 75 modules (50 ft)/bag

Warranty: 10 Year (Product) / 5 Year (Labor)

Operating Temp: -40°~ +60 °C / -40° ~ +140 °F

Storage Temp: -40°~ -70 °C / -40° ~ +158 °F

PE-2W7K Cascade: 25mods single-ended power feed
50mods double-ended power feed

UL Sign Component Guide E-file #E487794



Pure White

Part #:


Color Temp:



170 lm/mod (255 lm/ft.)

*Additional color temps available upon special order (MOQ’s Apply)*

Available Colors


Pure White

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