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Connector Joint for Concorde Cabinet System


HanleyLED’s Concorde Connector Joint (HLB-CJC) is for use in the Concorde Cabinet System. This connector joints is used to attach F24 replacements, F36 replacements, F48 replacements, and a HLB-EQUALIZER.

Product is transitioning to more efficient version: Concorde Bar II NOTE: Not recommended to mix original and new version

  • Fluorescent lamp replacement using existing sockets
  • New construction using Speed Spring Brackets
  • BYOLB = Build Your Own Light Bar
    • Stock only 4 sizes on your trucks!
  • Components available:
    • Cable Connector
    • 24V Power Supply (H60W-PPs524V) or (H100W-PPS24V)
    • Speed Spring Mounting Bracket
  • Specifications:
    • Constant Current: Yes
    • Input Voltage: 24v
    • Protection Rating: IP65
    • Warranty - Labor: 5 yr
    • Warranty - Product: 5 yr

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