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Speed Spring Bracket


The Speed Spring Bracket (HLB-SSB) is a robust bracket system for the HanleyLED Concorde Cabinet System, used for new construction and retrofit applications. The Speed Spring Bracket system can be mounted to the side of the sign box, parallel to the direction of your raceway. To install the Concorde Bars using the brackets, you push the bar down onto the Speed Spring Bracket first, then insert the other end onto the stationary bracket. These brackets are recommended when you are not using pre-existing sockets to mount.

Product is transitioning to more efficient version: Concorde Bar II NOTE: Not recommended to mix original and new version

  • Fluorescent lamp replacement using existing sockets
  • New construction using Speed Spring Brackets
  • BYOLB = Build Your Own Light Bar
    • Stock only 4 sizes on your trucks!
  • Components available:
    • Cable Connector
    • 24V Power Supply (H60W-PPs524V) or (H100W-PPS24V)
    • Speed Spring Mounting Bracket
  • Specifications:
    • Constant Current: Yes
    • Input Voltage: 24v
    • Protection Rating: IP65
    • Warranty - Labor: 5 yr
    • Warranty - Product: 5 yr

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